From the Editor: The Real Deal


It’s time to turn the page on a new year. As technology continues to impact our personal and professional lives, time seems to march faster. And, here we are, once again shaking our heads and wondering how another year could have already passed. As we wind down 2017 and look ahead to the holidays, it’s time to salute the people and companies that have managed to stand out from the crowd — our 2017 Pinnacle Award winners.

In spotlighting this stellar group, it’s clear excellence is alive and well in the hotel industry. Amidst the challenges and the evolving landscape, excellence pushes us forward, forces us to move out of our comfort zone and gives rise to the possibility of greatness. Given that we live in precarious times, where the spectre of terrorism now looms over us daily, and where what’s happening politically south of the border continues to cause us to shake our heads in consternation, it’s refreshing to pause, forget about the craziness and shine the spotlight on those achieving greatness in the industry. This month’s profiles of our award-winning individuals and companies are testament to the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurialism and dedication, peppered, of course, with a good measure of hard work.

Working on this particular issue is always gratifying for the Hotelier editorial department, as we delve into the reasons behind the success of our winners. Learning what propels these individuals and companies forward is enlightening. And, sharing with them the news that they are this year’s winners is always uplifting — with reactions ranging from surprise to elation to sometimes even tears.

Yes, success comes with blood, sweat and tears but we should never lose sight of the fact that success would not be possible without the countless individuals working diligently behind the scenes. Talk to any of the winners and they’ll undoubtedly admit they could not have done it without the support of their teams. What is the hotel industry if not a collaboration? And what would this industry be without the collection of passionate people who call the industry home?

On behalf of the entire Hotelier team, we congratulate the stars of 2017, and their entire teams, for work well done. And, as we near the end of Canada’s sesquicentennial year, we’d also like to congratulate all our Made in Canada photo contest winners (see p.10). By the time you read this issue, the 12 finalists will have been fêted for their noteworthy contributions at the Pinnacle Awards celebration.

Finally, in the spirit of the season, and on behalf of the entire team at KML, we wish our readers and advertisers alike a vibrant holiday season filled with health, happiness and, as always, a touch of magic.


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