VANCOUVER — Destination Canada is releasing an original eight-part travel series titled Vacations of the Brave, which will premiere in the U.S. on Amazon Prime Video on November 10.

The series follows real Americans who have made a positive difference at home, are breaking barriers and redefining bravery in America, on a quest north of the U.S. border. Each episode features a different hero on their unique journey of discovery in Canada.

By showcasing the best of Canada’s landscape, culture and people by highlighting the country’s multiculturalism — through food, festivals and events — Vacations of the Brave aims to motivate travellers to set out on their own transformational journeys of adventure, inspiration and self-discovery in Canada.

The series represents a first-of-its kind initiative for Destination Canada, which was inspired to create Vacations of the Brave based on insights into what motivates U.S. travellers, which include their need for a break and to connect with something on a deeper, more emotional level.

The first four episodes of the series will debut in November, with for additional episodes set to be released in 2019.


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