WASHINGTON, D.C. — Two Canadian regions — Yellowknife, Northwest Territories and Indigenous British Columbia — are among National Geographic Travel’s recently released a list of 25 destinations on the rise for 2021 to help inspire future travel.

Yellowknife is listed under “Explore Wild Beautiful Places” alongside Isle Royale, Mich.; Cerrado, Brazil; and Lord Howe Island, Australia. The city is heralded as a place to experience nature’s gifts, such as the aurora borealis, boreal forest and the numerous small lakes outside the city.

Highlighted under “Plan an Amazing Family Journey,” Indigenous B.C. is celebrated for the region’s 200 distinct Nations and rich Indigenous history. Learning about Indigenous B.C. as a family is also pointed to as a starting point for discussing issues such as cultural appropriation and racial stereotypes with children.

The list of 25 destinations was compiled by the global editors of National Geographic Travel and framed by five categories: adventure, culture and history, nature, family and sustainability. The featured destinations “speak of resilient communities, innovative conservation efforts and thrilling opportunities for future explorations.” The complete list is available at nationalgeographic.com.


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