SAN FRANCISCO — Airbnb is revamping its services to make them more in line with hotel amenities, reports Fast Company, which interviewed Brian Chesky and Chip Conley, the duo behind the unique accommodations brand that links travellers wtih spare rooms and apartments around the world.

“Our business isn’t [renting] the house,” explains Chesky, founder and CEO. “Our business is the entire trip.”

The company seeks to partner with transportation providers to help business travellers get to and from the airport. Another major initiative that the team hopes to roll out is to incorporate cleaning services that will offer fresh sheets and towels to Airbnb proprietors. “It’s full-service cleaning, with stocking, which means leaving towels, bed sheets, mints and a welcome package, like Vitamin water, in the fridge. And also staging, which is making sure the heating and lights are on,” Chesky adds. []

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