OTTAWA  –  Canadians love and care for their dogs. Making a decision about bringing a dog into your life is one that requires careful thought and research.

Unfortunately many dogs sold in Canada come from puppy mills and are often underfed and kept in filthy, crowded cages, with minimal human contact and little or no veterinary care. Unknowingly buying from a puppy mill can lead to heartache, guilt and expense. 

Fortunately, Canadian dog-buyers now have a one-stop online source for learning how to make smart decisions when looking for a new dog. was created by the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies (CFHS) as part of its program to help pet lovers steer clear of buying puppies that come from shoddy breeders or cruel puppy mills. 

“Pacrim has always valued the relationship between our customers and their dogs. Therefore it’s important for us to help them avoid the cruelty of puppy mills,” said Kris Crundwell,  Pacrim’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “Every time a hotel room is booked through our pet-friendly Purrrfect Place to Paws hotels we will donate to the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, allowing them to continue developing and implementing programs like Finding Fido.” 

Visitors to will find essential tools for deciding if, how and where to get a dog, such as:

  • a quiz to see if they’re really ready to own a dog
  • information about different breeds
  • a checklist of criteria that can be used to identify a caring, responsible breeder
  • tips for finding puppies and dogs up for adoption from humane societies, SPCAs and animal rescue groups

 “This terrible industry would no longer exist if all prospective dog buyers adopted from humane societies, SPCAs and rescues or did their research and insisted on checking out breeders and their facilities before buying from them,” says Cartwright. “With Pacrim’s support for we’re showing Canadians how to do just that.”

An estimated 100,000 or more dogs enter Canadian animal shelters every year. Some never get adopted, even though they’re perfectly healthy and lovable, and they end up being euthanized.  “I think if most people knew how many pets are in need of homes — and what a great job shelters do making sure those they put up for adoption are healthy and well-adjusted — they would make adoption their first option,” said Cartwright.

The CFHS’s is sponsored in part by Pacrim Hospitality’s Purrrfect Place to Paws program, wireless service provider Fido, OnCouRSS Web Solutions, Lola Design and Clean & Green.  

For more information, contact Kim Elmslie at  

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