LAS VEGAS — Eric Danziger, president and CEO of Wyndham Hotel Group, addressed nearly 6,000 delegates at Wyndham Hotel Group’s Achieve 2012 Conference yesterday.

The CEO of the world’s largest group of hotels stressed the importance of reaching out and paying it forward in an industry known for hospitality. “Today,” Danziger said, “we need to connect to the whole world, competing in a global market. We’re in the business of serving travellers.” The real competitive advantage, he says, comes from walking through the door that’s been opened and paying it forward.

While admitting he’s the ‘anti-brand standards guy,’ Danziger announced the Wyndham Hotel Group started displaying TripAdvisor content on its individual online brand websites last week, satisfying the need for a “one-stop shop.”

Looking to Wyndham’s future, the CEO, who joined the company in 2008, conveyed his enthusiasm for clever business. With images of Tato Nano cars circling on the screen behind him, Danziger cited the challenges designers faced at the Indian car plant. The micro car, built on a very tight budget, is an example of ingenuity and innovation in challenging times.

In wrapping up, Danziger reminded his team to address industry challenges by approaching them from a consumer’s perspective. “Find it, feel it and fix it,” he said.

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