VANCOUVER — The B.C.-based Solterra Group of Companies, which recently bought Vancouver’s Waldorf Hotel property, has no immediate plans to demolish the storied hotel.

The public was concerned about the future of the property, following news of its imminent closure due to its sale to a condo developer. Many made their opinions public on Solterra Group’s Facebook page, prompting the company to respond.

The Solterra Group has since responded. “It will be a while before we take possession of the property, and right now the Puharich family is still responsible for the ongoing operations of the hotel. We have an open mind about the future of this site, and we are studying all the options. I can say that, at this point, we certainly have no intention of demolishing the Waldorf Hotel. We want to work with the city to explore possible ways to retain and improve the hotel,” wrote Gerry Nichele, CEO of Solterra Group, in an email quoted by The Vancouver Sun.

The property was sold in January and will be vacated Jan. 20.


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