JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Online hospitality marketing company, Vizergy Travel Marketing, saw record growth in its second quarter. According to the company, Vizergy has enjoyed a recent surge in its client accounts, client retention and profitability — all of which exceeded its year-over-year projections.

“We continue to build on our 15 years of exclusive hospitality experience. Our growth would not be possible without the support and success of each and every one of our clients,” says Joe Hyman, CEO of Vizergy. “With a fierce focus on creating the most online revenue for our client, we have enabled longstanding, worldwide, mutually profitable partnerships.”

The company currently provides marketing and media campaign strategies to clients across 70 countries, but reported rapid growth in clientele from Western Canada and Europe, specifically. The company believes its impressive client growth and retention rate are the result of its extended client-service hours and addition of key staff who produce the websites and digital marketing strategies to help clients increase revenues.


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