VANCOUVER — Skwáchays Lodge is being billed as the first Aboriginal arts hotel, and it’s set to open in May, according to The Vancouver Sun.

Rooms in the 18-suite boutique hotel are being designed by six Aboriginal artists and interior design firms to reflect different themes such as celestial, birch bark or water. “The idea is to give people not just the mythology but a sense of who we are as a people,” said Corrine Hunt, an artist working with BBA Design Consultants Inc. on the project. Other designers include Clifton Fred and B+H Chil Design, Lou-Anne Neel and Inside Design Studio Inc., Sabina Hill and Mark Preston and MCM Interiors Ltd.

The property originally opened in 2012 with 24 social housing suites, including an art gallery and healing lodge where out-of-town Aboriginal patients could stay while receiving medical treatment. After the renovation is complete, some rooms will be reserved for Aboriginal patients, but the rest will be available to tourists. []


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