TORONTO ― In a recent survey of 500 Canadian adults conducted by Sensors Quality Management Inc. (SQM), 92 per cent of respondents indicated that they would not return to a business that did not properly check a customer’s vaccine status, while 90 per cent of respondents indicated that experiencing this would result in them re-thinking their willingness to dine out at all.

In a concurrent study, 80 per cent of businesses that are supposed to be checking a customer’s vaccine status were either not doing so, or doing it incorrectly.

“Whether it is consumer confidence, customer and employee safety, or overall trust, it seems clear that the majority of consumers are basing certain purchasing decisions on these checks, and right now the performance in certain industries may be doing businesses more harm than good,” says David Lipton, president of SQM. “It reminds me of a similar statistic that a clean washroom is not in the top-10 reasons for going to a restaurant, but a dirty washroom is in the top-10 reasons for not returning.”

SQM is a Toronto-based company which assists organizations in improving their customer and employee experiences, by providing the truth.  


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