SAN FRANCISCO — Uber has added Uber Central to its Uber for Business platform. The new, enterprise-ready system allows businesses to request, manage, and pay for rides for customers or guests, at scale.

Uber Central is Uber’s first global one-to-many ride product, allowing organizations to manage multiple rides at the same time and from the same dashboard. Guests who receive rides via Central do not need to have an Uber account or the app to take a ride — the organization handles everything. The new platform is ideal for the hospitality industry and organizations focused on delivering a world-class customer experience.

Hotel properties, such as Hotel Angeleno in Los Angeles, are using Uber Central to make travel seamless for guests — whether they’re heading to the airport or exploring the town. “As an independent hotelier, Hotel Angeleno strives to provide unique service offerings, and Uber Central is a game changer for us,” says Dean Yamashita, director of Sales & Marketing, Hotel Angeleno. “Guest satisfaction has increased significantly, as Uber is far more convenient and affordable than the alternatives. Plus having a digital record of our trips in one place helps us streamline our customer service operations. It’s a win-win.”


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