airplane-Travel Agreement Announced Between Brazil and CanadaOTTAWA — An Open Skies agreement was recently announced between Brazil and Canada, which is welcome news for Canada’s Hospitality Industry.

Inbound travel to Canada from Brazil continues to grow rapidly, with a recent travel survey by Statistics Canada showing a 32-per-cent increase year to year.

Meanwhile, according to the Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association, access to Canada remains a top priority. Industry insiders are hoping to ease financial hardship travellers experience when visiting Canada by seeking an effective visa system to facilitate emerging markets such as China, Brazil, India and Mexico, and decrease Airport rents, fuel taxes and security fees. These costs have made Canada an expensive country to visit in terms of aviation costs.

Open Skies agreements do away with government red tape when making marketable decisions with air carriers regarding routes, capacity and pricing, thereby opening carriers up to provide more affordable, convenient and efficient air service.


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