TORONTO – TransGaming Inc. and Select-TV today announced a partnership that will provide travelers with a new hotel entertainment experience by delivering high quality video games through TransGaming’s industry leading cloud-based games service, GameTree™ TV. The partnership enables hundreds of thousands of guests at Select-TV enabled hotels worldwide to access family friendly on-demand gaming content through their hotel room televisions.

The service immediately launches in Montreal at the Holiday Inn (Pointe-Claire), and will expand to additional Select-TV enabled hotels throughout North America and worldwide over the next three years. The Select-TV service is currently deployed in the world’s largest hotel chains and upscale boutique properties.

“Partnering with Select-TV expands our entertainment footprint from the living room to the hotel room, representing the world’s first games on-demand solution in the hospitality industry. Traditionally, some hotels include a low-technology outdated video game platform. With GameTree TV, hotels are starting to step into the modern era,” said Vikas Gupta, CEO and President of TransGaming. “This partnership greatly increases the reach of GameTree TV’s service and strengthens our industry leading position. This unique partnership gives us the opportunity to expose hundreds of thousands of travelers each year to the rich quality of GameTree and sets the bar for in-room entertainment in the future.”

Through GameTree TV’s dynamic interface and rich catalog of games, travelers will have access to a unique gaming experience. GameTree TV delivers social multi-player experiences to hotel guests, instead of singular game-interactions on a mobile device or tablet. In addition, players will no longer endure latency issues for content delivery that is usually experienced on traditional hotel game platform systems.

The GameTree TV service will be available at low prices – $2 per game for 24 hours or $6 for the entire catalog of over 50 games for 24 hours. The GameTree TV catalog of games spans multiple genres to appeal to everyone within the family from racing, puzzle, action, to engaging multi-player experiences such as World Poker Tour.

“At Select-TV we are always looking for innovative solutions that allow us to deliver the best in-room entertainment experiences for travelers all over the world,” said CS Goh, CEO of Select-TV Malaysia. “Partnering with TransGaming to bring the world-class GameTree TV service to our customers allows us to deliver an incredible in-room gaming experience at a reasonable price.”

Through partnerships with the world’s largest service providers and Smart TV manufacturers, GameTree TV currently reaches millions worldwide, and has established itself as the industry leader for cloud gaming. TransGaming’s move into the hospitality sector through the Select-TV partnership showcases the demand for their gaming platform. TransGaming’s service will be available to business travelers and vacationing families in hotel rooms enabled by Select-TV, and will continue to expand as more hotels add GameTree TV.

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