Six months ago, none of us could have predicted that we were all going to have to completely re-think the way in which we operate on a daily basis.

When guests start returning to your hotel, how do you ensure that they receive the same amazing experience, without needing to interact with your staff or other guests? Vamoos, the app for hotels, enables you to provide a completely touchless, safe experience for everyone in your hotel, without compromising on the service you provide.

Digital check-in/check-out, Wi-Fi passwords, restaurant menus, COVID-19 policies, local open activities, and much more, can all be held within the app, so nothing needs to be printed and no contact needs to be made. Not only will your guests have all of this information before they even arrive at your hotel, but it can be updated in seconds as and when it’s needed.

This allows guests to contact you before their stay and ask any questions they might have. During their stay, instead of visiting reception, they can contact your staff through the app, which will keep your staff and guests at a safe distance at all times.


With little to no contact from your staff, you can upsell to guests directly from the app even before they arrive at your hotel, be it a dining experience, spa treatments, or room upgrades.

One of our customers, Tewksbury, a hotel in the U.K., has used Vamoos to automate the mundane, whilst retaining the spirit of personal hospitality, without losing the close relationship with its guests. They want to use the app to ensure their guests have an even better experience than before, leaving the hotel feeling like they had a good and safe stay. You can watch the full video of their experience with Vamoos here.

We make it so simple for you to keep your hotel safe, whilst improving your guest experiences. Sign up for your free trial and start sharing your app with guests the very same day, or get in contact with the team on [email protected] with any questions you have.


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