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KELOWNA, B.C. — The Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA) has launched its renewable natural-gas initiative, in partnership with Natural Resources Canada and FortisBC. The campaign seeks to increase awareness on the simplicity of switching to Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) to heat and power homes and tourism businesses, and to inspire action.

Switching to FortisBC’s renewable natural-gas option will lower carbon footprints in businesses, transportation and residential sectors, and doesn’t require any new equipment, upgrades or installations. Customers have the option of replacing five per cent to 100 per cent of their natural-gas consumption with RNG. While natural gas and RNG are chemically identical, with methane as their primary component, RNG is created through renewable sources, making it environment friendly. These similarities allow the two variations of natural gas to be interchangeable within the existing pipeline infrastructure across North America.

RNG is a purified ‘bio-gas’ made from commonly found organic materials, plants, animal refuse and waste. These materials are brought to a dedicated facility where methane is processed and re-purposed into the accessible fuel source. The Glenmore Landfill in Kelowna and the Salmon Arm Landfill are two of these suppliers for the region. RNG also creates sustainable by-products such as organic compost, mulch and hygienic bedding material for livestock, all reducing the need for chemical variations.

TOTA and FortisBC have already partnered with Okanagan Crush Pad and Garnet Valley Ranch Winery to add RNG into their energy portfolio.


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