There’s no shortage of resources to advise potential guests on where to stay and dine when planning a vacation. In fact, there’s so much information out there, it can be hard for travellers to know who to trust.

The key word is trust. That’s where the AAA Diamond Program takes a 180 degree turn from the rest by offering AAA Diamond designated properties several valuable advantages.


While user ratings from unverified sources inform travellers how much an individual liked a property based on their personal opinion, the AAA Diamond designations from professional inspectors describe what a property has to offer based on extensive inspection criteria and industry knowledge. In addition, for added insight, AAA is now also adding reviews from verified AAA members to help our members decide on the perfect property.

“We see the value of this trusted organization. So many travellers today rely on the Diamonds to make travel decisions, so a partnership with AAA is a no brainer for us.”

— Gina Peper, vice-president of Sales & Marketing, North Point Hospitality


AAA Diamond-designated properties are part of a select and carefully vetted industry group. Unlike online-review systems that include any property, AAA includes only places that are good enough for AAA members. Not all applicants are considered and not all inspected properties pass their unscheduled evaluation. As a result, AAA considers every property that carries the AAA name a clean, comfortable and hospitable option for the type of experience it provides.

“We learned a long time ago that treating every guest like an inspector — which they are — and constantly reinforcing AAA’s service and inspection standards across our departments means success.”

— Jack Damioli, president/CEO, The Broadmoor, AAA Five Diamond


Because 60-million AAA/CAA members — frequent leisure travellers — know they can rely on AAA to steer them in the right direction, they place a high level of trust in AAA’s travel information and recommendations. AAA confidently stands behind every Diamond-designated property to ensure members have a positive experience, which means peace of mind when travelling with AAA. Ensuring your property is present in AAA channels puts you directly in the path of this large and loyal travel market.

“Having a relationship with AAA expands our hotel’s footprint, since our listing puts us in front of millions of member travellers.”

— Justin Williams, general manager, Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando, AAA Four Diamond

While the AAA Diamond Program continuously evolves to meet modern travel needs and trends, AAA’s commitment to providing reliable information to help members make informed hotel and restaurant decisions is unchanged. Like its gemstone namesake, the AAA Diamond Program shows its true value on close examination. Keep an eye out in 2020 for announcements about some exciting changes to make the Diamonds shine brighter than ever before.

About AAA

AAA is the only entity that conducts professional on-site hotel and restaurant evaluations across the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean using consistent, published guidelines based on consumer priorities. AAA hired its first field inspectors in 1937, adding the Diamond symbol in 1977 to honour the association’s 75th anniversary. The Diamonds, along with other insight from inspectors, are readily available across a wide variety of AAA travel-planning resources, including the AAA Travel Guides.



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