TORONTO — In honour of Steve Gupta’s birthday, Reetu Gupta, president and CEO of the Easton’s Group of Hotels and The Gupta Group, has re-imagined and launched a family foundation that will be called The Gupta Family Foundation. The foundation will honour the Gupta Group founder and chairman, who started the organization three decades ago and, through this organization, has been able to help thousands of people.

Steve Gupta built eye camps in India, allowing more than 11,000 people to have eye treatments and be cured of eye disease. He also spearheaded the construction of a retirement community in Richmond Hill, Ont. and a water and sanitation project for a Girls School in India.

Suraj Gupta, the foundation’s Chief Strategy Officer, and Reetu Gupta, its president, now sit as co-chairs of The Gupta Family Foundation, with the aim of following in their father’s footsteps of giving back.

The foundation’s mantra is “Philanthropy is a Way to Show Love.” More details on the foundation will be announced in the coming weeks.


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