LONDON — A STR Global Construction Pipeline report has revealed that 215 hotels, with 34,826 rooms, are expected to open in Europe by the end of 2013.

“The upscale segment is expected to open the most new rooms with 7,203 rooms in 44 hotels, followed by the upper midscale segment [42 hotels with 6,823 rooms] and the upper-upscale segment [24 hotels with 5,888 rooms],” reads the statement from STR Global.

In 2014, it’s expected that the region will become home to 233 hotels with 40,951 rooms with the upscale segment again leading with 10,183 rooms in 57 hotels. Moreover, the upper-midscale segment is expected to generate 53 hotels with 8,827 rooms, while the upper-upscale segment is expected to generate 37 hotels with 7,863 rooms. The unaffiliated segment is expected to boast 34 new hotels with 5,517 rooms.


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