TORONTO — Sonifi Solutions — a provider of engagement solutions for the hospitality industry — has launched a solution that allows hotel guests to connect with Staycast without having to download or install an app.

Sonifi’s website-pairing technology works with any mobile browser and is backwards compatible with existing Staycast installations. The solution allows guest to securely stream content between their mobile device and the hotel’s TV. Hotels can now choose to enable that isolated connection through website pairing, integration with their own app, through Wi-Fi authentication or a Sonifi app — whichever option aligns with the guest experience they wish to create.

“[Guests] can easily stream their own content without having to enter personal credentials into the hotel room TV,” says Kara Heermans, VP of Product Management and UEX at Sonifi. “But as app fatigue grows, guests and hoteliers wanted an option that would not require any additional app downloads to connect. The website pairing innovation came directly from listening to our customers and their respective guests.”

Website pairing with Staycast is now available worldwide.


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