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MONTREAL — Sofitel announced the complete refurbishment of its Canadian flagship, Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile. Coinciding with the hotel’s 60th anniversary, this transformation marks the revival of the French luxury hotel. Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile will become the first Sofitel establishment in North America to undertake a change of this scale, embracing the essence of Montreal’s culture and offering French-style hospitality at its finest.

Ideally located on the prestigious Sherbrooke Street in the heart of Montreal, Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile is just a few steps away from the city’s most popular tourist attractions, such as Mount Royal and Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, as well as luxury boutiques and a variety of gourmet restaurants. For more than two decades, the five-star hotel has established itself on the Montreal hotel scene, embodying Sofitel’s vision of offering guests sincere, committed service with a French zest while celebrating local culture through its offerings and multiple collaborations from the hotel and its various partners across the city. The establishment boasts 256 rooms, including 17 suites, a bar, the renowned Renoir restaurant, and more than 10,000 sq. m. of meeting-and-event spaces.

“More than 20 years after Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile’s debut, we’ve reached a significant milestone. This complete refurbishment illustrates our dedication to providing bespoke service and a renewed customer experience, fusing Montreal’s local culture with Sofitel’s signature French elegance,” says GM Marc Pichot.

For Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile to embody this new brand identity, the property will undergo a complete refurbishment. Led by the award-winning 2pir Design firm and backed by a significant investment, the refurbishments will begin with the restaurant and entrance hall and are expected to be completed by fall 2024. These will be followed by the common areas, including meeting rooms and the fitness centre, by the end of 2024 and, finally, the guestrooms, which should be completed by spring 2025. Throughout the process, the hotel will remain open to the public, and its team will focus on delivering the quality service upon which it has built its stellar reputation since opening.

Inclusively, all areas of the property will be refurbished to embody a more modern aesthetic that will align with the new direction of the Sofitel brand. This includes adopting a more contemporary colour palette and incorporating elegant furnishings to pay homage to Montreal’s joie de vivre and Sofitel’s French charm. These changes will ensure a cohesive look that balances luxury with the brand’s know-how, creating an atmosphere that, while captivating and bold, expresses a beautiful simplicity.

In addition to the hotel itself, the Renoir restaurant, an institution in Montreal’s gastronomic scene, will also undergo a major transformation, reflecting the establishment’s modern aesthetic and ambiance. Renoir and its executive chef, Olivier Perret, will continue to offer dishes that combine local ingredients with international flavours while showcasing Montreal’s vibrant culture in a new, contemporary, laid-back setting. Complementing these changes, a brand-new bar will also be inaugurated, offering a unique menu and atmosphere.


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