MILWAUKEE, WI – Telkonet, Inc. (OTC BB: TKOI), whose business divisions include EcoSmart, an intelligent energy management system and EthoStream high-speed Internet access provider, is pleased to announce the EcoGuardTM intelligent power outlet.

Telkonet’s EcoGuard energy management outlet stops the flow of electricity to lights and plug load devices when a room is unoccupied to conserve electricity that would otherwise be wasted on an empty space. EcoGuard communicates with the EcoSmart intelligent energy management system to determine occupancy and report detailed statistics back to the cloud-based EcoCentral Command Center to accurately monitor energy usage data and real-time savings information. In addition, the EcoGuard has a built-in true power meter to monitor cost, voltage, amperage, kWh, and other metrics that provide data for comprehensive energy use analysis.

Telkonet, a United States-based energy management technology provider, offers HVAC controls hardware, software and services to commercial customers worldwide. The EcoSmart suite of products, which includes EcoInsight and EcoWave intelligent thermostats, the EcoGuard energy management outlet and the EcoSwitch energy-efficient light switch, are deployed in building environments to cut utility costs and enable remote monitoring and control using the EcoCentral management platform. Telkonet’s energy management products have the power to reduce energy consumption, minimize carbon footprints and help eliminate the need for the construction of new power plants. For more information, visit

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