Simple Shower Solutions offers hotels a one-stop shop for showers

For more than eight years, Simple Shower Solutions has manufactured ready-to-tile shower pans in any size or shape — both custom and standard — with a drain that can be installed wherever it’s required. 

The one-piece pan — similar to a fiberglass pans, but rough and ready for tile — installs on a bed of thinset in just 15 to 20 minutes. The pans are lightweight but, having a solid core, are strong enough to drive a truck on. They’re pre-sloped, fully water tight, ready for tile, guaranteed not to leak and come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Simple Shower Solutions also manufactures seats, benches and shampoo niches to customize any shower. It offers standard stock sizes, or can customize to the design of the shower.

The company’s facility allows Simple Shower Solutions to manufacture approximately 150 to 200 shower pans per week, making delivery on large jobs such as hotel and condo projects a snap.

“I have been in the tile business for more than 35 years and have extensive knowledge of shower installation,” says Robert Michaud, owner of Calgary-based Alpine Tile & Marble. “I exclusively subcontract tile work in the major chain hotels in Canada. I recently had the privilege of using Simple Shower Solutions and found this product to be cost effective, easily installed and time efficient. [It] can be fabricated into any shape or form, making it easier to install in washrooms of all sizes and dimensions — including handicapped or roll-in showers. My overall opinion of this product is it is more efficient over the competitors and I highly recommend the use of Simple Shower Solutions.  I will definitely be using the product on future projects.”

Well-known clients include the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald in Edmonton, a new-build Hyatt Hotel in downtown Edmonton, Clique Hotels and Suites – Calgary, the newly renovated Delta/Marriot – Downtown Edmonton, the Hilton Double Tree – Windsor, Ont. and the JW Marriott new build in Edmonton’s Ice District, to name just a few.

Simple Shower Solutions can also supply cultured-marble shower pans and wall kits, as well as shower doors, LED mirrors, grab bars, soap dishes and towel racks — making it your one-stop shop for the showers. Their line of cultured-marble products are approved choices of both Hilton and Choice Hotel properties.  

Simple Shower Solutions offers showers made simple — any size, any shape, any drain location — and is the only pre-manufactured, custom, one piece, ready-to-tile shower base that installs in minutes and won’t leak.


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