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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Radisson Hotel Group will implement bulk amenity dispensers across all brands by the beginning of 2022, replacing small bottles for common bathroom products. The initiative is expected to eliminate approximately 500 tons of plastic annually.

In addition, the company has made a global commitment to #refusethestraw, ensuring plastic straws and plastic stirrers are no longer used in its hotels by 2021, with eco-friendly alternatives offered to guests upon request.

“Plastic pollution is one of the current major global issues and our group is proud to play a leading role in driving plastic reduction across the travel-and-tourism industry,” says Federico J. González Tejera, president & CEO, Radisson Hospitality AB and chairman, Global Steering Committee, Radisson Hotel Group. “We’re a signatory to the International Tourism Plastic Pledge — further demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and responsible business, in line with the targets laid out in our five-year strategic plan. Responsible business is a key element in our approach to growth and is vital to our ambition to become one of the leading hotel companies in the world.”

Radisson Hotel Group is also running a series of pilot projects in various locations, with the aim of finding new ways to drive plastic reduction globally. These include the upcoming roll-out of a waste-collection and recycling program for the new bulk-amenity-dispenser containers and soaps in North America, which will see soap and bulk amenities sorted, processed and distributed to people in need.


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