MONTREAL — The QuébecOriginal brand has launched a new promotion initiative to market the province of Quebec abroad.

The initiative includes a series of video clips highlighting the theme “Let go” and featuring five international influencers.

“The five influencers we invited are people who are used to being constantly connected to their communities. We asked them to leave their frantic lives behind, turn off their phones and stop interacting on their social media platforms, and fully experience every moment of their trip — to really enjoy Quebec. It’s that experience of letting go that we captured, with all the emotions and encounters it involved,” explains Florence Girod, chief Strategy officer and head of Integrated Product at Cossette, the agency responsible for the creative development and deployment of the QuébecOriginal brand for Alliance de l’industrie touristique du Québec to markets outside Quebec.

In a sector where global competition is getting ever more intense, “Let go” is designed to addresses the development of the Quebec tourist offer differently. “Spot campaigns are no longer sufficient. We must engage travellers at all times, with content relevant to their interests. Let go marks the launch of a creative platform that tells the story of Quebec at its most memorable, with many strands woven together,” says Sébastien Viau, VP, Marketing and Merchandising, Alliance de l’industrie touristique du Québec.

The videos feature an original track by Quebec-native Geoffroy, which is performed by himself in English and by Beyries in French. The campaign will target Ontario, the U.S., Mexico and France.


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