WHEELING, Ill. — Protect-A-Bed LLC has introduced a new level of viral-barrier protection for mattresses and pillows.

The company recently underwent independent lab testing to ensure its products meet the evolving needs of the hospitality industry and its mattress and pillow protectors passed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) highest standard for Viral Barrier Penetration (ASTM F1671).

“Our newest viral-barrier protection products should provide greater peace-of-mind that is crucial is today’s climate.” says Bob Burbank, Chief Executive Officer at Protect-A-Bed.

The independent laboratory testing certifies that these products meet or exceed the CDC’s Level-4 standard, thereby ensuring the Protect-A-Bed’s viral-barrier products provide the highest level of viral-barrier protection. Level-4 testing is the same resistance test standard established by the CDC for surgical gowns and drapes.

“Hotel guests spend more time in bed than any other area of the property. A clean and restorative sleep environment is a must,” says Nicole Pasik, director of Marketing at Protect-A-Bed.

Protect-A-Bed product features include its new viral barrier; its patented waterproof Miracle Membrane; dust mite, bed bug and allergen barriers; FDA Class-1 Medial Device designation; are machine washable; and are asthma & allergy friendly products.

“During these uncertain times, we feel confident that our products are designed with wellness and safety top of mind. We will continue to innovate and bring advanced technology and certifications to the marketplace,” says Elba Ocasio, vice-president of Design and Product Development for Protect-A-Bed.


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