whistler-prices-continue-to-drop-in-key-marketsSAN FRANCISCO — As the summer season winds down, the discount travel site Hotwire.com has announced the results of its August 2011 “Hotwire Canadian Hotel Rate Report,” which guides consumers to the five cities in Canada where hotel rates have dropped the most.

“Many hotels in popular Canadian cities needed some extra help filling rooms this month after Canada Day holiday travel died down. Coupled with an increase in competition between the higher star-rated hotels, prices are being driven down significantly in these markets,” reads a recent Hotwire release.

Topping the list for the first time is Kingston, Ont., with a 12-per-cent decrease due to the opening of several new hotels in the market.

Meanwhile, Victoria, B.C. ranks second for the second month in a row, with a 10-per-cent decrease and rates averaging $9 less than last month’s prices. It’s a popular destination, but local hoteliers continue to drop rates to battle the impact of the unfavourable exchange rate in the hope of attracting more travellers.

Maintaining its presence on the list for the fourth month in a row, Calgary, takes the third spot with a five- per-cent decrease. Prices in the city continue to be pushed down to attract more visitors due to a soft local economy.

After dropping off the report last month, Banff and Whistler jump back on to round out the list with four- and two-per-cent drops, respectively. Both cities offer great outdoor destinations and have continued to lower prices to counter a slower-than-average off-season.

For more information on the top five hotel rate reductions for August 2011, click here.

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