ATLANTA — Philips Professional Display Solutions (PPDS) is returning to the hospitality market in North America with the launch of a brand-new range of Philips MediaSuite Pro Android TVs.

The HFL6114U series of televisions boast 4K picture and have extensive customization features. Arriving in North America after a successful launch in Europe, the new Philips MediaSuite range comes in a variety of sizes, from 43” to 75”, including 50”, 55” and 65” screens as well.

“I’m thrilled to finally be able to announce our return to the hospitality industry and to introduce a solution that truly raises the bar for hotel TVs,” says Joe King, vice-president, Commercial Display, North America, PPDS.

As part of PPDS’ commitment to supporting the hospitality industry, all MediaSuite TVs in North America are backed by the company’s ‘Extended-Lifetime’ promise, ensuring all HFL6114U models can be upgraded to the latest version of Android TV OS — when updates are available — bringing all the latest entertainment, control and security features at no additional cost.

The TVs are equipped with Chromecast, Google Play and Netflix and are also voice-control compatible. These features allow for less reliance on external satellite or cable.

“As a market leader, we continue to drive the market forward. With the MediaSuite product, we’re bringing even more features and benefits to hoteliers and guests and once again cementing our position as the brand of choice for innovation in professional TVs,” says Jereon Verhaeghe Global Product Manager, PPDS.


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