Martijn van der Woud at Future Tech

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — PPDS has re-affirmed its commitment to supporting and promoting sustainability in the AV industry with a strategy that is designed to help hoteliers reduce their electronic waste and enhance their green credentials. This will see the company continue to bring more energy-efficient products to market, re-configuring and reducing packaging, while providing greater access to information on energy consumption, for more educated and environmentally-focused buying decisions.

The declaration was made by Martijn van der Woude, head of Global Business Development and Marketing at PPDS, who spoke at the company’s Global Access: Future Tech international event for end customers and its Global Partner Alliance held at the MK7 Oracle Red Bull Racing Technology Campus in Milton Keynes, Eng. in November.

At the event, the full PPDS management trip and team members outlined some of the measures already taken, with a commitment to bringing even more in 2023, including extending its focus on delivering the most energy-conscious products to market and bringing lower cost of ownership to customers.

In addition to improving the energy efficiency of its hospitality displays (digital signage, interactive displays, dvLED and Pro TVs), PPDS, alongside its sister organizations, TP Vision, MMD Monitors and Displays and AOC, have already made significant strides in enhancing its green credentials throughout the display lifecycle, from manufacturing in its factories, along transportation journeys, through to its headquarters and regional sales operations.

Products are also now contained in condensed packaging, carefully calculated to minimize resources used and to maximize the number of products able to be loaded in any one shipment. Palletisation has also been reviewed and refined, with a 184 ton Tank to Wheel (TTW) CO2 reduction and 107 ton reduction of wood pallet consumption in the process to date.

In tandem with this exciting focus, PPDS – the exclusive provider of Philips professional displays – also provides clear and immediate access to information around the energy efficiency of its range of digital signage, interactive displays, dvLED and Pro TV products, to customers.

Earlier this year, the EU’s revised energy labelling system came into force, replacing the existing labelling (A+++, A++, A+, A, B, C and D) with a more simplified A-G measurement rating. The new A-G labels placed on Philips professional displays now feature a QR code which shows the information stored on the EPREL database when scanned with a smartphone.

With regard to products, PPDS recently launched its Philips MediaSuite hotel TVs, facilitating remote management and reducing unnecessary electronic waste. It also provides customers with free software updates as part of the PPDS Extended Lifetime promise. Additionally, the new Philips DV LED range are now designed to deliver proven low-energy consumption without compromising on performance.


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