Pinnacle Awards 2019 Hall


The Pinnacle Awards are the foodservice and hospitality industry’s only national recognition program. The awards program was launched in 1988 when Foodservice and Hospitality magazine presented its first Man of the Year Award to George Cohon, president of McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada. Several years later in 1996 Kostuch Media (the parent company of F&H magazine) added three new award categories and, at the same time, launched a corresponding set of awards for its sister publication Hotelier magazine.

In many ways The Pinnacle Awards have become the Academy Awards of the dynamic $90 billion foodservice and hospitality industry. Each year, Foodservice and Hospitality and Hotelier magazine solicit nominations from the industries, and then adds its own list of nominations to the field. After much scrutiny and deliberation, a judging panel, chosen from the magazines’ own Editorial Advisory Boards selects the winners.

Since introducing its first industry award in 1988, Foodservice and Hospitality has honoured a diverse group of industry leaders for their continued success and achievement, each representing the full spectrum of the industry – from upscale restaurants to quick-service chains. Winners have been distinguished for their contributions to the public image of the industry through civic, educational and community involvement, as well as their efforts in establishing innovative concepts in the area of foodservice or hotel management.

 The Pinnacle Awards Criteria

  1. Impact on the industry. Has the candidate (individual or company) made a significant impact on the industry? Has the company introduced foodservice management and operating techniques? Has the candidate introduced employee-training programs or worked diligently to expand career opportunities. Has the candidate participated in professional foodservice organizations?
  2. Significant innovations and accomplishments. Has the company’s sales and profits increased dramatically over the last year? Has the individual or company introduced new products and /or techniques over the course of the last year? Have there been any lasting contributions or recognition of outstanding service and dedication to the foodservice and hospitality industry? Has the company been responsible in moving the industry forward in any way?
  3. Community spirit. Has the company contributed significantly to the community at large, including participation in civic, communities, charitable, educational and other affairs, which illustrate social responsibility?

Hosted by

Rosanna Caira
Editor & Publisher, Foodservice and Hospitality Magazine


Amy Bostock
Managing Editor, Kostuch Media Ltd.