NRG Announces the Launch of the New 32” x 18.75” Replacement PTAC, Offering Perfect Comfort at Perfect Pricing

NRG Equipment Inc., an Ontario based manufacturer of HVAC products has just announced the launch of its latest offering; the new Perfect Comfort Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner. This new model answers a need in the hospitality and lodging market, where property managers have been looking for an affordable, high quality and low noise interference replacement for their existing ZoneAire CSM / Keeprite models.

To date, the replacement models available in the market have been expensive and encountered quality issues, in addition to negatively affecting customer stays due to high noise interference levels. NRG Equipment Inc., known for their high quality, client satisfaction led innovation, have stepped up to the mark with this new product, part of the Perfect Comfort Brand range. As the sales manager, Jacqueline Pilling states:

“We are focused on providing alternate options to the industry with the Perfect Comfort Brand. This is a growing practice to allow the property owners options as well as a quality product to ensure guest comfort.”

This has never been more accurate than with this latest product. Boasting the following features, it stands head and shoulders above its competitors:

Every model undergoes rigorous quality testing and is QC stamped for peace of mind

Every model offers intermittent / fan cycle as an integrated feature, not one which requires a paid upgrade

It offers the quietest replacement model for the ZoneAire CSM / Keeprite on the market

Every model offers a seal strip kit as an integrated feature, not one which requires a paid upgrade

Considering the fact that environmental comfort levels in hotels are as important as they are overlooked by guests – until they malfunction – the peace of mind that this model brings cannot be overstated. It’s environmentally friendly, stylish, comes with a full range of accessories, ready to fit and is a perfect fit for over a dozen existing models. This combined with its affordable price point is fast making it one of the leading replacement PTAC’s on the market today.

A product of such quality and versatility from NRG Equipment Inc., is hardly surprising. The company has been offering a tailored and unique HVAC product range to the hotel and lodging industry since 1993, and in that time has built a solid reputation for outstanding customer service and care and premium products and solutions at exceptional price points.

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