NOVA SCOTIA — Nova Scotia’s Signature Resorts is undergoing a major overhaul, says Guido Kerpel, regional vice-president of New Castle Hotels and Resorts, according to The Chronicle Herald.

The three properties undergoing renovations are Keltic Lodge Resort and Spa, Digby Pines Golf Resort and Spa, and Liscombe Lodge Resort and Conference Centre. The province of Nova Scotia owns both Digby Pines and Liscombe Lodges, and leases Keltic Lodge Resort.

The renovations, which total $3.1 million, will be led by managing company New Castle Hotels and Resorts, most of which will be directed towards basics such as new furniture, fridges, and carpets.
The Minister of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism Percy Paris told the CBC that the renovations are essential. “They don’t have a future as they are now. I think they’re damaging their own individual reputations and they’re damaging Nova Scotia’s reputation as a tourism destination,” Paris said. Kerpel echoed the sentiment. “These are each wonderful properties in their own right and each will benefit from an upgrade and refurbishing to bring them back up to par,” he told The Chronicle Herald.

The province plans to sell the properties in April, 2012.


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