NIAGARA FALLS, Ont. — Canadian Niagara Hotels is applying to the city of Niagara Falls for a zoning by-law amendment for the proposed development of three new hotel towers on Robinson Street, according to Niagara Falls Review.

The zoning by-law amendment would allow for the building of a 56-storey hotel and two 35-storey hotels at the location.

The existing by-law allows for a 30-storey height limit, but taller buildings can be considered if no adverse impacts are created by the development, such as shadowing on residential areas and green spaces and encroachments on the view of the falls.

The three towers — to be built 25 metres apart — would offer 1,811 hotel rooms, as well as retail stores and restaurants.

The 4.7-hectare parcel of land opposite the Skylon Tower, formerly owned by HOCO Ltd., is currently being used as a commercial parking lot.

Mayor Jim Diodati says that tourism has been on the upswing in the region and that demand is there for the hotels.


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