NEW YORK — TravelClick is introducing a new solution, called Media Suite, designed to help increase direct hotel bookings by utilizing the company’s proprietary data to strengthen the performance of paid media.

Also available with Media Suite as a Single Media Subscription is TravelClick’s Rate360 application. Together, these technologies allow hotels and media campaign managers to monitor hotels’ standings with online travel agencies and increase direct bookings and revenue generated from paid search and display media.

“Research shows hotels in rate parity have more than 20 per cent more direct bookings than hotels out of rate parity,” says Scott Falconer, GM of Media at TravelClick. “Media Suite is designed specifically to combine the importance of rate data with full-service media management, enabling hotels to generate more direct bookings in an increasingly competitive online environment. Many of our Media Suite beta-testers have seen immediate double-digit increases in conversion rates, direct bookings and ROAS.”


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