OTTAWA — Hank Stackhouse is the new Chair of the Hotel Association of Canada’s (HAC) Board of Directors.

With more than 30 years of experience in the Canadian hospitality industry, Stackhouse recently retired from his post as president and CEO of Delta Hotels and Resorts, where he oversaw a team of 8,000 and a portfolio of 46 hotels. He has served as a member of the HAC Board of Directors since February 2006.

“Mr. Stackhouse’s commitment to the success of the Canadian lodging industry is an invaluable asset to the HAC and to everyone working within the industry,” said Tony Pollard, president, HAC.

Meanwhile, Robert Pratt, Nora Duke, Irwin Prince, Philippe Gadbois, Satinder Dhillon and Vito Curalli have been elected to serve as corporate officers.

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