TORONTO — A new 24-room boutique hotel officially opened its doors this month in the Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood.

Named after the neighbourhood that houses it, The Annex — a hybrid between an Airbnb and a design hotel — aims to meet the growing and changing demands of the modern traveller.

“The best part of travelling is when you truly feel like a local, so we set out to create something that would be cherished by Torontonians, while also attracting international travellers,” says Justin Fong, managing partner of The Annex. “The Annex was created with the belief that we could deliver a travel-lodging experience that was authentic, social, serviced, indulgent and affordable.”

Each element of the hotel has been carefully crafted — from the hand-selected artwork to custom finishes — to ensure The Annex would embody the spirit of the Annex neighbourhood. The hotel will have the key markings of a boutique hotel with a few small nuances: no room service, televisions, phones, parking-lot., gym or front desk. Instead the focus is on creating unique and memorable experiences.

“As we introduce ourselves to Toronto, and to the world, we hope The Annex becomes synonymous with modern hospitality as we strive to generously welcome, host and entertain the travellers of the new economy,” says Fong.

The hotel offers diverse food-and-beverage offerings, including bakery goods and refined small plates, as well as a curated list of natural, organic wines. Just like everything else at The Annex, the food-and-beverage options are a direct result of local collaborations. The Commons — the onsite food hall — will feature two well-known local vendors, Big Trouble Pizza and Seven Lives tacos.


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