TORONTO — Larry and Adam Mogelonsky have released More Hotel Mogel, which gives hoteliers the latest tools to prosper in this rapidly evolving period created by COVID-19.

The new book is the sixth anthology book in an ongoing series, following The Hotel Mogel (2018), The Llama is Inn (2016), Hotel Llama (2015), Llamas Rule (2013) and Are You an Ostrich or a Llama? (2012). These management books give a detailed picture of the present state of the hotel industry, outlining key operational challenges, sales tactics, marketing principles and how technology can help.

More Hotel Mogel features a compilation of selected topics that highlight current success stories, blunders to avoid and unique ideas to help hotels in the post-pandemic world. The goal throughout is to make aspiring hoteliers and seasoned professionals think about how to boldly grow their businesses in this brave new hospitality world.

While analyzing the current trends and looking at how the Coronavirus has affected every operation, the authors also examine what underscores modern guest behaviour and how best to appeal to customers to maximize revenue at any property.

Larry and Adam Mogelonsky are the founding partners behind Hotel Mogel Consulting, a practice formed to help hotel owners, operators and industry suppliers solve critical issues facing their businesses. More Hotel Mogel is available in print and e-book formats at The authors can be contacted directly for quantity orders.


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