TORONTO — CBRE Canada is pleased to announce that Mark Sparrow and Luke Scheer have re-joined the company to lead an enhanced hotel-investment practice. 

The team will spearhead a new initiative that co-ordinates opportunities with seniors’ housing, healthcare and student accommodations.

Sparrow and Scheer have built a formidable operating-asset practice, which is anchored in the hotel space. They have an extensive global network of clients and have executed some of the largest hotel transactions in the world involving Canadian assets. 

Sparrow and Scheer are joined by Ryan Tran and Aliya Kurbanova,as vice-president and senior administrative assistant, respectively.

This announcement comes in the midst of a dynamic period for commercial real estate. The hotel sector has been particularly hard hit by the decline in travel stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Mark, Luke and team are dynamic, next-generation leaders who are innovating real-estate services in the hotel industry and beyond,” says Werner Dietl, president & CEO, CBRE Canada. “Their impact is going to be felt by our clients from coast to coast.”

“Now is the time to lean in, not step away,” says Sparrow, executive vice-president. “Our clients look to us for guidance and our message is to think big, be creative and don’t get caught flat footed. The next cycle won’t tolerate silos and geographic limitations. That’s why we’re leveraging CBRE’s world-leading investment platform and the synergies between hotels, seniors’ housing and student accommodations to add value to our clients.” 


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