(Brewster Travel Canada)

BANFF, Alta. — The Mount Royal Hotel in Banff, Alta. has announced plans to undergo a $45-million renovation process before reopening in summer 2018.

The historic hotel, owned and operated by Brewster Travel Canada, suffered extensive fire damage in December 2016.

As Banff’s second oldest hotel, the Mount Royal has undergone numerous expansions and renovations over the years. The new vision for the property intends to honour the unique patchwork these processes have created over time. The hotel, as it stands today, is essentially an amalgamation of three separate buildings, each reflecting different elements of design.

“So the hotel itself has had additions, and each addition has its own unique flavour and signature based on the decade it was built,” says Dave McKenna, president of Brewster Travel Canada. “In the past, there was an attempt to make it all feel the same – like one large homogenous hotel. What we’re doing now is celebrating the uniqueness.”

The amalgamated nature of the property gave way to a quilt-inspired design strategy, which will feature a layering of historical pieces in a modern way, explains Alison McNeil of Dialog design firm. The unique quirks of each building element will now be clearly visible on the outside and the inside. “We want to celebrate the nuances,” McKenna says.

The renovations will also see the hotel gain a rooftop patio with outdoor hot tubs and fire pits.


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