MARIETTA — The Mohawk Group continues to find new and innovative ways to improve the customer experience for today’s leading architects, designers and end users.

Each member of the commercial sales team will now utilize an iPad in the field to help customers identify and specify their flooring solutions more quickly and efficiently. The Mohawk Group is the first to employ this advanced technology, a move the company believes will quickly shift the way the industry as a whole does business.

“Architects and designers are driven by deadlines, and the ability to meet those deadlines is more important than ever given today’s market,” said Merrie Barnett, director of marketing for the Mohawk Group. “Our customers need real-time answers to questions during meetings, as well as instant access to specific and detailed product information. The iPad gives our commercial team the ability to tap into all of our internal systems and provide the latest information on-demand. Wait times will be significantly reduced and scheduled visits will be much more beneficial to the customer.”

Barnett goes on to say today’s A&D community prefers doing business interactively, and many are already using iPad technology to service their own clients. The iPad encourages idea-sharing and fosters inspiration more than any device in recent years. With this in mind, the Mohawk Group recently unveiled the industry’s first customized iPad catalog App, which allows designers and architects to interactively search the Mohawk Group’s comprehensive product catalog.

“We’ve done the research and we know that—even if architects and designers aren’t using it right now—the iPad is their technology of choice moving forward because it delivers information quickly, as well as virtually,” added Barnett. “We see it as a real competitive advantage that the Mohawk Group is the first flooring company to leverage the iPad’s technology in a variety of ways to better service customers.”

Utilizing iPads is another way the Mohawk Group is practicing its company initiative of Sustainability That Works. Transitioning the commercial team to iPads in the field will significantly reduce the need for printed collateral and marketing materials, as much of the information can be experienced interactively via the iPad during customer meetings.

Talk to your sales representative about the advantages of using the iPad and all of the Mohawk Group’s customized technology at your next meeting. You can also visit for more information.

The Mohawk Group and its four brands – Karastan, Lees, Bigelow and Durkan – are helping to define a new generation in commercial carpeting. A leading manufacturer of award-winning broadloom, modular and custom carpeting for every installation, The Mohawk Group is propelled by its legacy of world class performance, cutting-edge style and sustainable innovation. For additional information about its proven and new generation design solutions, and to learn more about what’s next from the Mohawk Group visit or call (800) 554-6637. Connect with the Mohawk Group on Facebook and Twitter.

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