Given coffee’s significance in everyday life, it’s important for hotels to stay up-to-date with trends and not cut corners. Alongside the new age, ‘gourmet’ in-room machines such as Keurig or Nespresso, most hotel restaurants now offer barista levels of services with cappuccinos, lattes, espressos and a few local favourites to keep apace with the ever-mounting expectations for a superior quality caffeinated kick.

Think of coffee as more than just a direct revenue stream; it’s also a point of pride for the property as well as a prominent contributor to a great guest experience. After all, what hotel wants to be known for having a lousy brew? While being average may have negligible impact either way, bad beverage service will be immediately noticed and have a harmful effect.

On the other hand, by offering a coffee experience that is truly exceptional, it may be enough to turn that four-star review on TripAdvisor into a five. That’s how emotionally charged this addictive liquid is. And so, with so much at stake, here are five key tips to follow to ensure your coffee is up to par.

  1. Recognize that coffee is critical and that it must be at least slightly better in order to have an impact. Taste the coffee in your restaurant and catering venues. If your local McCafé or Starbucks is better, you’ve got a problem.
  2. With a Keurig or Nespresso, you’ve got a way to give guests a great start to their day for about a $100 a room. Yes, the coffee capsules have a markedly higher cost. Suck it up and find cost savings elsewhere.
  3. Clean all your coffee equipment daily at a minimum so that the repugnant soot never builds up. Check brewing temperatures as well, as this can increase the ‘burnt’ taste profile of the end product in addition to alter the sugars in milk.
  4. Experiment with different suppliers. Taste samples early in the day and ask your staff members for their opinion too. Coffee selection and menu additions can be a good opportunity for team participation.
  5. While you’re evaluating your coffee service, broaden your search for differentiating your property by examining the aesthetics of the overall experience – mugs, cups, saucers, serving utensils, room decor, menu design and nearly anything else to boost the ambiance. See what your budget can spare for something out of the ordinary.


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