BETHESDA, Md. ― The Marriott Content Studio, in partnership with Marriott Hotels, premiered its second original short film, French Kiss, with a global YouTube launch followed by a gala screening and party at the Marina del Rey Marriott in Los Angeles.

“On the surface, French Kiss is a story about a business traveller set in Paris,” said David Beebe, VP, Creative and Content Marketing at Marriott International. “When you delve deeper into the film, you discover the characters are taking you through a brilliant travel story as they navigate through the streets of the city through magical realism that can only happen in Paris. French Kiss was developed to entertain audiences through original storytelling where the brand and hotel play a character ― ultimately inspiring viewers to travel. Short films are just one part of our content mix and overall ‘3C’ content-marketing strategy of producing engaging content that builds communities that drive commerce.”

Kim Moses, executive producer of French Kiss, added, “The only parameters given to us were to make it appeal to millennials, shoot in Paris and subtly tell the story of what it means to travel brilliantly. We were then given the creative licence to thread that needle with global appeal.”

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