BETHESDA, Md. —Marriott International has rebranded and digitally expanded its Healthy Hotel Certification program with the launch of TakeCare Certification. The new program recognizes organizations of all types for creating an environment that supports holistic well-being and growth.

TakeCare is Marriott’s award-winning approach to promoting employee well-being. With this expansion, the certification, which was previously available only to Marriott-managed properties, is now available to all external organizations —including schools, volunteer organizations, non-profits, hospitals, offices, teams and communities —to help promote opportunity, community and purpose for all.

TakeCare Certification features new application questions and recognizes organizations with Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium awards. Organizations that complete the questionnaire are assigned a certification level based on their score.

“As we continue to grow the global TakeCare well-being brand, this certification will help promote the timeless people-first values behind Marriott’s culture beyond our hotels to organizations around the world,” says Dr. David Rodriguez, EVP and Global Chief Human Resources Officer at Marriott International. “It’sa joy to see our company culture, which our founders created more than 90 years ago, as bold and timeless as ever.”

This rebranding follows the company’s launch of TakeCare Level30, a custom app-based well-being challenge available for guests and associates around the world.


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