BETHESDA, Md. — Marriott International launched an updated version of its human trafficking-awareness campaign on July 30 to ensure all associates can recognize and respond to human trafficking at hotels by 2025. The enhanced training features scenario-based modules, a mobile-friendly design and increased guidance on how to respond to potential situations of human trafficking.

“As an industry that cares deeply about human rights and the horrible crime of human trafficking, we have a real responsibility to address this issue in a meaningful way,” says Anthony Capuano, CEO of Marriott International. “The updated training empowers a global workforce that stands ready to recognize and respond to human trafficking and allows our company to live up to our core values.”

Marriot is collaborating with two non-profits specializing in combatting human trafficking, ECPAT-USA and Polaris. Moreover, Marriott plans to donate this training and work with ECPAT-USA and the American Hotel and Lodging Association Foundation to make it available in early 2022 for the hospitality industry at large.

 “Polaris is proud to join with Marriott International and a team of survivors to create this crucial resource. This training goes beyond general awareness of signs to equip hotel workers with the tools to respond to trafficking situations in ways that are appropriate, nuanced, helpful, and most importantly, survivor-centred,” says Catherine Chen, CEO of Polaris. “By designing interactive scenario-based exercises and updating guidance for managerial staff around how to interact with potential victims and survivors of human trafficking, our hope is that this training enables hotel workers to become a valuable resource for trafficking victims around the world.”


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