MANHATTAN, N.Y. — Hoteliers are continually seeking new ways to enhance guests’ visits through relaxing amenities such as spas, yoga classes, curated scents and calming music playlists. An area that’s commonly overlooked, however, is lighting. Lighting plays a key role in the body’s circadian rhythm, which regulates our ability to get quality sleep, in order to avoid the nasty side-effects of sleep deprivation — which include depression, general anxiety and stress.

LumiFi — a wireless lighting control software designed by German-trained architect and lighting designer Beatrice Witzgall — allows hotels to automate and personalize interior lighting on a large scale. LumiFi can control and unify LED light bulbs from a variety of manufacturers, saving hoteliers the added cost of having to purchase specific lightbulbs that work with only one manufacturer’s software. LumiFi currently works with products from Philips Hue, Osram Lightify, GE, Samsung, Lifx, Thermal Solutions Resources (TSR) and TCP. Properties already using lightbulbs from any of the above manufacturers can use LumiFi to control all of them from one central location.

Several hotel brands have already begun incorporating LumiFi as part of a pilot program with the software company.


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