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TORONTO — The Llama is Inn is set to be released this month. The book is the fourth in Larry Mogelonsky’s series (Are You an Ostrich or a Llama?, Llamas Rule and Hotel Llama), which give a detailed picture of the present-day hotel business landscape. The series outlines how to best navigate new technological issues shaping the industry, in addition to the need for a perpetual commitment to exceptional service.

All four books draw from Mogelonsky’s extensive experience in the field, as well as the prudence of other senior managers and corporate executives active in the hospitality industry. The Llama is Inn is written to give hoteliers the best tools to prosper in these changing times. This is not an introductory textbook on the hospitality industry, but rather a compilation of selected topics that highlight both modern success stories as well as the blunders to avoid.

Individual articles cover sales, marketing, branding channel management and emerging new technologies, while offering examples of operational excellence in F&B, housekeeping, front desk, reservations and HR.

Mogelonsky’s business career started with a brand management position at Procter & Gamble, followed by six years at a top-10 ad agency, where he was the team leader for the Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts business. Smitten with the hospitality ‘bug’, he founded LMA Communications and more recently, Hotel Mogel Consulting, a specialty consultancy dedicated to the hotel industry.

The Llama is Inn will be available in Spring 2017 through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. A Kindle edition is also available.


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