MCLEAN, Va. — Leisure travel is expected to increase across all generations this winter in the U.S., with the exception of baby boomers, whose travel patterns should remain unchanged, reports tourism and travel research company D.K. Shifflet & Associates.

“Of particular note is the increase in intent to travel among millennials and the ‘Silent/GI’ generations; the generations with the least amount of disposable income. Perhaps this is due to lower gas prices or a general feeling that the economy has stabilized,” said Cheryl Schutz, VP, D.K. Shifflet & Associates. “Or perhaps it is because millennials over the age of 26 account for the majority of travel among this group, thus they are more likely to be employed and to have disposable income than their younger counterparts. In addition, people are living longer and people are staying healthy, allowing them to enjoy travel as they always have.”


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