The Hatstack by Walter May

CALGARY — Le Germain Hotel Calgary has unveiled a new public artwork created by renowned Albertan artist Walter May. The sculpture, dubbed “The Hatstack,” will be a permanent fixture at the exterior entrance of the boutique hotel.

The cast-bronze and cement freestanding pillar is comprised of 33 identical stacked modules. When seen from a distance, the 19-foot-tall sculpture displays balance, lightness and rhythm through its repeated geometric shapes, reminiscent of Constantin Brancusi’s “Endless Column”, which is considered to be one of the 20th century’s great modernist abstract monuments.

The hat-shaped elements are based on John B. Stetson’s 1865 design for what many consider to be the first mass-produced western hat, known as the “Boss of the Prairies.” With its tall, rounded crown and flat brim, often creased and shaped by individual owners to their liking, this hat is now recognized as the ubiquitous western cowboy hat.

“We are delighted to present this sculpture to both hotel guests and Calgarians,” says Lionel Houliat, general manager of Le Germain Hotel Calgary. “This collaboration is in perfect continuity with our ongoing commitment to feature local talents.”

Similar to all Group Germain Hotels in Canada, Le Germain Hotel Calgary is adorned with original works of art by Canadian artists such as Christian Grandjean and Pascale Girardin.


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