LAKE LOUISE, Alta. — Lake Louise Inn, which is managed by Atlific Hotels, has furthered its commitment to sustainability by becoming the first hotel property in the world to employ Sharc Energy System’s Piranha T10 system.

The technology has been used for other domestic environmental initiatives, but this is the first time the waste-water heat-recovery system has been used to improve energy consumption in a hotel.

The Piranha system’s self-contained heat pump uses a proprietary direct-expansion heat exchanger to extract thermal energy. In this application, it will collect hot water from the Lake Louise Inn’s laundry machines. The water will act as a source for the heat pump, which will then be used to heat incoming cold water for future loads, drastically reducing energy requirements.

“This wonderful opportunity to put environmental stewardship to work in a practical way aids our conservation efforts with meaningful results,” says Gordon Johnson, vice-president Operations, Atlific Hotels. “The serious reduction in water and energy use and greenhouse gas emissions will be of benefit to everyone who appreciates the importance of preserving Lake Louise’s natural resources and certainly makes sense from a business perspective.”


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