Hotel amenities are changing in our ever evolving world of travel. Since travelers can no longer pack what they used to since 9/11, travelers are looking for new, airline safe and airline approved travel items to take on board.

Long, pointy nail files are not allowed.

The Jagorb is a round nail file on a keychain which can be taken anywhere, even on an airplane. It has been approved by the Canadian Air Transport Association.

The Jagorb can be used in many ways, as a keychain, special event piece (weddings, conventions), a promo piece for tradeshows, as an amenity for the hotel, and spa community, a gift from a travel agent, business class amenity for the airlines. Women love them, because they are so  versatile, as you can hang them on brief cases and diaper bags.

Jagorb International operates in Canada, USA and Ghana.

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