TORONTO  – Intirion Corporation, manufacturer of MicroFridge today announces the launch of its line of small-space combination refrigerator/freezer/microwave appliances to Canada. The industry leader in compact specialty appliances introduces three stylish models featuring Safe Plug technology, a dual-outlet charge station and smart design for optimal storage.

“With more than 20 years’ experience in providing unique, high-tech, space-saving solutions to the public, institutions and corporations through our combination appliances, we’re thrilled to introduce our line of premium MicroFridge products to Canada,” says Jim Russo, General Manager, Intirion Corporation.

“With living spaces shrinking in square footage, more of us are looking for smaller appliances that meet multiple needs,” says Russo. “Our goal is to bring unsurpassed quality, style, convenience and efficiency to all types of living spaces with MicroFridge appliances.”

Combining a spacious refrigerator or refrigerator/freezer and microwave in a single unit, a MicroFridge appliance is perfect to store and prepare food and refreshments wherever space is limited. The three models available in Canada are perfect for use in hotels/motels, college residence halls, assisted living residences, offices and on military bases.

Good Things Can Come in Small Packages
The compact MicroFridge refrigerator features over two cubic feet of storage space, with the separate freezer adding an additional 0.75 cubic feet of storage capacity in select models. The refrigerator’s Smart Store Door allows for the upright storage of two-litre bottles to eliminate leaks and spills. For food preparation, the fully programmable 700-watt microwave oven makes cooking or reheating food, snacks, or beverages a breeze. The zero degree freezer compartment ensures that items like ice cream stay perfectly frozen – something that competitive single-door refrigerators can’t do.

Beautiful and Smart – All-In-One
Sleek designs, the latest technology and simple practicality meet together in these compact specialty appliances. In addition to superior refrigeration and freezing performance, these

MicroFridge units feature:

Safe Plug technology – All MicroFridge appliances use the unique patent-pending power management system, which limits power draw to just 11 amps. It enables users to power both the refrigerator and microwave utilizing only one electrical socket. This one-plug-to-wall operation saves valuable outlet space.

Dual-Outlet Charge Station and Cord Clip – Using the two additional outlets available on the appliances, users can safely charge electronic devices, such as laptop computers, MP3 players, cell phones and more, thanks to innovative design and technology only offered by MicroFridge.

ENERGY STAR rated –MicroFridge offers models that are environmentally friendly and meet the ENERGY STAR rating for energy efficiency.

10-year Warranty – Quality and dependability you can trust. All MicroFridge models are covered under the warranty, giving users absolute peace of mind.

Sleek, modern silhouettes and finishes – Offering space-saving convenience and style to fit any setting, the combination units are available in a selection of colours and finishes, including stainless steel, black and classic white.

To view the full product line, please visit or call 1-800-637-7567.

About Intirion
Intirion Corporation, a subsidiary of Danby Products Inc, focuses on the development of products for small space living environments. The Company sells its proprietary MicroFridge line of products, which are combination refrigerator/freezers/microwave ovens, which utilize its patent-pending Safe Plug technology. Many MicroFridge products are marketed throughout the United States and Canada to colleges, hotels and motels, assisted living facilities and the federal government for military housing. Some MicroFridge models bear the ENERGY STAR designation and is CUL and CSA approved.

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